Remote Access


Welcome to MORSE - Moorfields Online Resource for Support and Education.
MORSE is a collection of online packages that provide support and education to Moorfields staff.
This page allows access away from Moorfields sites.
Any activity is passed to your record in the central Learning & Development database.
Note - you need to have a Moorfields network login to proceed.

"Use another account" - some users may be presented with this option. If so, you must click on "Use another account" and enter the username and password in the new boxes that appear.

Username - you'll need to add "City_Road\" to your usual Moorfields network username to gain access. (For example: City_Road\bloggsf). However, you can use your usual Moorfields network password.

Error Messages - If you are not using a Moorfields computer, and you encounter certificate trust error messages please visit this site to install our root certificate, then come back to this page.

If you are having problems please contact the Moorfields IT Helpdesk on +44 20 7566 2071
Use of this facility requires that you are bound by our Internet and email policy available here: